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The Easyboot Glove Back Country is the ground breaking new boot that takes the very best from the top selling hoof boots; Easyboot Trail and Easyboot Glove to make a 'super hoof boot' in the form of the Easyboot Backcountry WIDE. The Easyboot Back Country WIDE is made in 3 parts, which can all be replaced individually if required making the Back Country WIDE hoof boot great value too as you never need replace the whole boot! The foot part is a glove shell which gives the form fitting, quick breakover and superb traction of the ever popular Easyboot glove hoof boot. The upper consists of two pieces, the neoprene heel cup which is very soft and protects the heels area and back of the pastern from any rubbing and the front cordura covered neoprene portion that wraps around the top of the hoof to hold the boot securely in place. The end result is a very sleek boot with all the competitive advantages of the form fitting glove, but the security of the Easyboot trail.

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