Badger Built Ladies Apron

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Badger Built Ladies Honey Badger Farrier Apron
Designed specifically for women our Honey Badger offers all of the same features as the Original Badger, however it is cut and designed for a woman with these factors in mind: Torso cut to fit that of a lady pelvis (after some research, we found they tend to be a bit different when they have to birth a baby). Sliding, adjustable attachment point for a tighter fit if desired. All around a bit smaller than the men's version, but ever bit as adjustable. Our aprons have many features that work together to maximize proper fit and comfort. Distinct pelvic cut does not restrict movement and helps prevent strain on your back. Back belt expands and allows the apron to adjust with your body. Inner thigh and calf protection with wrap around, formed fit. Precise easy adjustment. Hip pivots allow maximum flexibility and movement. Contoured easy access pockets, 2 pockets per apron. Double stitched premium leather and 1000 Denier Cordura Patent pending.
REGULAR FIT: 28" to 36"   LARGE FIT: 36" to 44"