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Cody James Dymondback Rasp
*Every blade is made of highest quality American made steel
*Will not clog like a traditional rasp
*You will get three times the amount of horses, making it the most economical rasp on the market
*Patented blade design uses a light polishing action that is easy on the wrists, elbows & shoulders
*There are 3 different blade grade options: Fine, Medium & Very Aggressive. *Actual cutting surface is 14"x2".
*Replacement blades easily change in seconds, and any refill will fit the rasp holder.
It is best to start off with either the Fine or Medium. These grades are an easier transition from the standard rasp than the Aggressive grade.
>Please note this does NOT have a finishing side<
**Totally made in the USA**
{{{Don't Forget to get your End Cap!!!}}}