Equilibrium Steel Front Unclipped

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Mustad Equilibrium Steel Front Unclipped Shoes
Designed at a leading Netherlands University, Olympic Champions and Endurance Performance Worl Wide have confirmed the success of the science driven design of the new Mustad Equilibrium sport horseshoe. Features include: Lateral brnch slightly stronger. Extra wide toe area is forged with a 2-dimensional convex curve allowing fluent breakover in any direction. Center mass matches the Center of Pressure during mid-stance of the horse creating a perfectly balanced hoof. Inside edge of the ground surface's concave section is balanced to reduce weight and mud build up. concave section and crease do not run through the heels to improve support during landing. Full heels allow forging a variety of individualized alternatives to the heel area. Beveled edges, sole relief and flush clips are all standard. V-crease for better nail positioning and seating of Mustad Nails. Suggested Nail sizes: 000-00 ESL3 or Libero ARC3. 0-2 ESL 4 or Libero ARS 4. 3-4 ESL 5 or Libero ARC 5. Packed in 10 pair boxes. **BUY A FULL BOX AND SAVE 7%**