Eva/wood S/r Leather Rim

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EVA/Wood Sole Relief with leather Shoes are primarily used for medial/lateral sinkers, radical resections, prolapsed soles, or sheered heels. an EVA/Wood Sole Relief with Leather Shoe style shoe is prefrable over a plain EVA Shoe because of the added stability that plywood provides. The biggest question in applying this kind of shoe is: What is your comfort zone? An EVA/Wood shoe requires securing the shoe to the hoof with sheet rock screws. This method should only be done by a farrier or vet/farrier! The benefit of this method is once the hoof is positioned on the shoe, a few screws (one or two screws per side) attaches the shoe to the hoof. The patient can then be walked a bit to check the placement of the shoe and the patient's comfort level, if the patient is comfortable then a cast is wrapped around the circumference of both the hoof and shoe securing the shoe to the hoof.