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KB-Wedge Eggbar
As the name implies, our three-degree eggbar gives the horse just enough extra lift to excel in various activities, including challenging sporting events. Each shoe is machined to a precision three-degree graduation from heel to toe.
Breakover at the toe is also enhanced by our precise rolled toe. The three degrees of elevation provide excellent support for orthopedic applications. 5 PAIR BOXES. **BUY A FULL BOX AND SAVE 7%**

00  4.3" W x 5.2" L  9.5mm Toe Thickness
0    4.5" W x 5.5" L  9.5mm Toe Thickness
1    4.8" W x 5.7" L  9.5mm Toe Thickness
2    5.0" W x 5.9" L  10mm  Toe Thickness
3    5.3" W x 6.2" L  10mm  Toe Thickness
4    5.6" W x 6.4" L  10mm  Toe Thickness