Kerck Classic Sport Front QC

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 The Classic family shows how the Royal Kerckhaert Horseshoe Company meets the demand of farriers worldwide. The Classic Star concave section is popular with most English speaking countries and is the established tradition and style of shoeing horses. The Classic Sport is a new addition to the program with drilled and tapped 3/8 stud holes, perfect for the modern sport horse. Manufacturing concave shoes is a very difficult process. The most advanced machinery developed and built by Kerckhaert, ensures that the quality of The Royal Kerckhaert Horseshoe Company is the best.

Width, Length and FIA measurements in inches:
0  Width 5-1/4  Length 5  FIA 13-5/8
1 Width 5-3/8   Length 5-1/4  FIA 14-1/4
2 Width 5-5/8  Length 5-1/2  FIA 15-1/4
3 Width 6   Length 6   FIA 16-1/4