Kerckhaert Tradition LT Front Race Plate

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Tradition Low Toe (3.9mm)3.9mm toe grab, allowed on all dirt tracks and some synthetic surfaces in North America. Available unclipped and front pattern only. Shoes are symmetrical.Punched for 3-1/2 Race, 3-1/2 Race XL, 4-1/2 Race or 4-1/2 Slim.

The Tradition series racing plates from Kerckhaert offer the North American market an option for shoeing styles and feet that require a narrower pattern than the Kings. The main design differences are the shape, a slight taper in the width from toe to heel, a nail pattern that is spread and punched slightly finer. This has met with a good response from farriers in the market. They are finding that the Tradition and the Kings shape have a place in their trucks due to the wider variations of front shaped feet