Kevlar Hoof Guard

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Research has proven the importance of using hoof sealants after shoeing. Hoof Guard with Kevlar fiber (used in bulletproof vests and Nascar paints) makes it different from other hoof sealants on the market. Hoof Guard with Kevlar fiber strengthens and improves overall health of the hoof, making it more durable and abrasive resistant. Hoof Guard also protects from damaging rays of the sun with UV protection which also helps prevent cracks and bleached out hooves. Hoof Guard is a clear, shiny sealant. It's not a cream of grease that will come off as soon as your horse is turned out or put back in the stall. Hoof Guard contains no acetone. Hoof Guard comes in 16-oz. refillable applicator bottles and 32-oz. bottles.