Mustad Equilibrium Air Front Clipped

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Equilibrium Air provides additional key features including: Newly designed front pattern is approximately 15% lighter than standard Equilibriums. The distinctive rolled toe is more prounounced in the hind model. The concave section throught the toe provides extra ground purchase. The added width in the heels provides extra support. Quarter clips in the front shoe are positioned between the first and second nail hole to provide additional stability to hoof and fit while maintaining optimal hoof mechanics. The rolled toe design provides support in the toe while enhancing unrollment. Anatomical shape and section-to-size design provides proper fit and more efficient job for farriers. Provides the same scientifically proven Equilibrium unrollment properties which reduce leverage on the hoof, key joints, tendons and ligaments. These shoes come packed in 10 pair boxes.**BUY A FULL BOX AND SAVE 7%**