Riders Rasp

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Hoof Grooming for Optimum Health The Original RidersRasp(TM) features an ergonomic design that fits all hands, a soft grip with no slip sides to protect hands for the rasps, and rasps that are designed for rounding, not removing hoof wall.
The Original RidersRasp(TM) uses medium finish files which are great for rounding or beveling the hoof, maintaining hoof form without the risk of removing too much hoof. RidersRasp(TM) is an ''emory board'' for the hoof. Safe for the rider, safe for the horse.
The rasps are 52 Rockwell hardness. The protective plate is stainless. The sides are non-slip. 3 years of testing. This tool is tough!!!
Safe and Easy to Use
Replacable Medium Finish and Medium Coarse Rasps are Available
Designed for Rounding, Not Removing Hoof Wall
Ergonomic Design Fits All Hands
Soft Grip, No Slip Sides Protect Hands from Rasp
Innovative and Unique Tool Designed for the Horse Owner