True Flite Pads

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True Flite shock absorbent pads stand apart from other hoof pad products because True Flight pads are consistant. A specific formulation of ingredients is used to make our pads so they perform every time! They are reliable and won't crack or tear, even in extreme temperatures. They are also economical, farrier call-bakcs for service are unnecceaasry, positive results every time.
True Flite 3 Degree Wedge Black: 2 degree, thickness 1/16" at toe 9/32" at heel, Dimendions 5-7/8"x6-1/4"
True Flite Blue Flat Pad: Type 4 pad, Blue, thickness 1/8", dimensions 5-7/8"x6-5/8"
True Flite Blue Thinliner: Type 4 pad, blue, thickness 3/32", dimensions 5-7/8"x6-5/8"
True Flite Cushion Heel Black 3: Type 3, black, thickness 5/32" (1/4" raised heel section) dimensions 5-1/2"x6-1/4"
True Flite Cushion Heel Black 4: Type 4, black, thickness 5/32" (5/16" raised heel section), dimensions 5-7/8"x6-5/8"
True Flite Tan Ultra Cushion: Type DRP, tan, thickness 1/8" (7/16" raised frog section), dimensions 6-5/8"x7"