Werkman Eggbar Unclipped

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Werkman Eggbar Unclipped Front Shoes
These shoes come in a front pattern, unclipped or with side/quarter clips between the 2nd and 3rd nail hole. THe shape is similar to the Werkman Ryder Original.
These shoes increase in width with each size, starting at 17mm up to 22mm. Sizes 2x0-0 are 6mm thick, Sizes 1-6 are 8mm thick
Field of application:
Disorders of the deep flexor tendon (flexor digitorum profundus, FDP) Disorders of the support ligament of the deep flexor tendon
Chronic navicular disease
Pain in the distal sesamoid
Palmar foot pain
Inflammations of the ligamentous apparatus of the toes
Expansion of the palmar support area and of the palmar retractor
Increase of the angle of the coffin bone on soft soil
Reduction of the leverage exerted on the front section of the (toe of the) hoof on all soils
Reduction of the traction exerted on the deep flexor tendon and a reduced load on the distal sesamoid/navicular
Without navicular contact: protection of navicular and posterior (palmar) hoof section (distal sesamoid, navicular, attachment of the deep flexor tendon) on all types of soil
With navicular contact: continual increase of the load-bearing surface in the posterior (palmar) hoof section, regardless of the type of soil
Effect was researched in cooperation with the Department of Anatomy of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Leipzig.